We Are builders who preserve authenticity and culture


By Drew Hanish

In the early days of Pravo, we were doing a wide range of project types. It has taken an evolutionary process to better understand ourselves and the types of projects that bring out our passion for building.

We are builders, first and foremost, but we are passionate about mindfully building for the future while preserving the authenticity of our buildings, culture, and communities. We seek out projects where our passion aligns with project types in Remodeling, Redevelopment, Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation, First-Generation buildouts, and Corporate Office.

We don’t see this as a niche but as an identity. We know who we are today, how we would like to continue to develop, and where we want to apply our expertise to the highest and best use to benefit our city, communities, and culture.

Here is a few recent projects and how we perceive their significance:

  • Jupiter at the Townsend Building – Built in 1875 across the street from the Paramount on Congress Avenue. This will be a staple to a revitalization of north Congress Ave. Jupiter Mars was a slave who fought in the American Revolutionary War under General Rensselaer. He is the Great Grandfather to the 4th of owner Bill Perkins. The concept is named in his honor.
  • Karlin Real Estate at 320 Congress – Built in 1888, the Koppel Building, formally owned by World Class Capital, is now home to one of Austin’s most influential real estate companies, Karlin Real Estate.
  • Accenture at Mckean-Eilers Building – Built in 1897, spent the first 90 years as the home to the McKean, Eilers & Co. Accenture uses the first floor as high occupancy level event space to accommodate events during SXSW, Formula 1, ACL, etc.
  • Preacher – An Adaptive Reuse of an old warehouse building on E Riverside. Preacher is at the heart of Austin’s creative culture.
  • Superstition – This iconic cultural landmark in Austin, located at the corner of Riverside and South Congress, has been made popular for its former nightclub history. After sitting vacant for over 15 years, its back right in the center of the nightlife.
  • Norwood Tower – Owned by the Lyndon B. Johnson Family. This building, built in 1929, was the tallest building in Austin and is on the National Register of Historical Places.