Pravo’s ultimate goal is to work with the best clients and project teams, building inspiring spaces.

Our team is diligent in planning, learning and innovating. In order to best serve our clients and the Austin market at a high level, we ensure that we are adaptable to market and client needs alike. Whether we are working with companies with extensive construction experience or companies new to the construction world, we ensure to approach each project correctly by always adding value through our expertise, especially when we engaged early in projects.

Part of our philosophy is to do the heavy lifting so that our clients can provide input at key milestones and enjoy the overall construction process.



With the competitiveness in the Austin and Central Texas commercial real estate markets, many clients are moving toward a partnership model with their service providers. This means Commercial General Contractors must evolve and work transparently with clients from the beginning. The key is building trust and driving competition in the right phases of each project.

GC at Risk | Cost Plus | Negotiated GMP (guaranteed maximum price)

When:  Typically utilized by clients, or client representatives, that place a strong emphasis on accurate budget, schedules, quality and overall project experience. General contractor RFP’s are issued during the Schematic Design or Design Development phase and the general contractor is engaged to help guide design through ongoing budget and schedule analysis.

How:    Clients, or client representatives, source general contractor proposals for weekly staff rates and fee percentages during the Schematic Design or Design Development phase. General Contractors are then interviewed and awarded the project based on the team dynamic, experience and ability to deliver the project from start to finish. The awarded General Contractor plays an integral role during design by sourcing competitive subcontractor proposals and presenting a complete budget to the client, referred to as a GMP or Guaranteed Maximum Price.  Upon approval, the General Contractor interviews selected subcontractors, puts the best team together and works on behalf of the client to deliver a high-quality space on time and under budget.

Why:    The General Contractor has a high level of incentive and responsibility to deliver a successful project and act in the client’s best interest. Clients are provided with accurate information from the beginning, tied to relevant and current experience and data the General Contractor received from the subcontractor market. This helps set realistic expectations, eliminates wasted efforts, especially in design, and allows clients to make the most informed decisions possible at key milestones.

Hard Bid

When:  Construction Drawings are 100% complete and clients are looking for the lowest possible initial General Contractor bids. Clients understand that they assume risk with any onsite pre-existing conditions, missing design information or changes they make during the course of construction.

How:    Upon completion of 100% Construction Drawings, clients or client representatives’ source General Contractor bids based on a target construction schedule. Typically, these bids include the lowest subcontractor proposals. Upon approval, the General Contractor then mobilizes on-site and starts the entire procurement and construction process.

Why:    Hard bids are best when the client is experienced and understands that the this model leads to a static client General Contractor relationship. The General Contractor is incentivized to build the project as cost effectively and as fast as possible utilizing the lowest cost subcontractors. Clients should be prepared to spend more time managing the project and their vendors closely.

Design-Build | Design-Assist | Sole-Sourced Projects

Often times, clients look for a strong General Contractor partner to help deliver their entire project from start to finish. Clients will put together an initial program or scope of work, then source a General Contractor and will work closely with them as they manage design, permitting, construction and client fit-up. The General Contractor is responsible for hiring all consultants, sourcing subcontractors, managing project cash flow and coordinating all client vendors appropriately.

In this model, the General Contractor works to deliver the best project possible, on time and on budget, in a transparent, solutions-based manner that requires client involvement and decisions at key milestones. Time and quality are the drivers and budget is closely monitored throughout the entire process.


Successful projects begin with successful preconstruction.

Pravo’s preconstruction services can be utilized in several different ways, depending on the client and project needs. Our preconstruction services are either complimentary, lump sum for a specific deliverable or billed weekly for ongoing projects that require a preconstruction consultation.

Preconstruction Services

  • Test fit pricing
  • On-Screen takeoffs and unit cost analysis
  • Project scheduling and procurement research
  • Hard bidding
  • GC & Fee, GMP development
  • Subcontractor proposal analysis, interviewing and buyout
  • Value engineering


Our project management team is rooted in collaboration, transparency, honesty.

Great project management starts with effective communication and working on behalf of our clients to deliver successful projects. Each project is unique, and we always work to tailor our approach to provide an optimal level of service in each of the following areas:

Project Management Services

  • Cost management
  • Project scheduling
  • Subcontractor management
  • Submittals and procurement tracking
  • RFI’s
  • OAC meetings and weekly reporting (with photos)
  • Client vendor coordination (low voltage cabling, A/V, security, furniture, etc.)
  • Quality control
  • Punchlist and completion list
  • Closeout and warranties
  • Contracts
  • Insurance


Superintendents are the heartbeat of each project.

Our Superintendents get involved in the project’s early stages. They work to understand project and client dynamics, communicate effectively and do everything in their power to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

As with project management, each project is unique so the Superintendent is selected based on relevant project experience and their ability to connect with the project team.

Supervision Services

  • Project scheduling (high level and detailed look-ahead schedules)
  • Subcontractor management and coordination
  • Site safety
  • Building logistics and coordination
  • Procurement tracking
  • Detailed onsite coordination, RFI’s
  • OAC meetings and weekly reporting (with progress photos)
  • Client vendor coordination (low voltage cabling, A/V, security, furniture, etc.)
  • Quality control
  • Punchlist and completion list
  • Systems training and project handoff


Safety is our top priority as a commercial General Contractor. We have created a culture of safety through training, enforcement and documentation. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every person on our jobsites return home safely.

Our Superintendents are responsible for safety on each project. This includes personal protective equipment, pre-task plans, and critical work plans involving main building systems and any other items that could impact construction personnel, adjacent tenants or the building we’re working in.

Insurance, Safety and Risk Management partnerships:

  • Insurance broker: TCOR Management
  • Risk management: Risk Control Services (RCS)


Our team works to understand each client’s accounting and finance procedures/requirements.

  • Preconstruction and budgeting
  • Project cost, contingency and allowance management
  • Payment applications
  • Project cash flow projections (for construction cost)
  • Change order management

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