Pravo Construction is an Austin-based Commercial Contractor recognized for an ability to deliver unique projects within some of the most extreme existing conditions Whether your company is moving to a new space, adapting, renovating, or developing land, We partner with our clients to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. At Pravo, we cater to a diverse clientele spanning multiple industries. Whether you are a hospitality business or a tech firm, a medical or financial institution, an industrial manufacturer, or a local investor and developer – if you’re in the Austin-area or anywhere in Central Texas, we’ve got your build.

Pravo Construction was founded by Drew Hanish in 2016. He applied his trade in larger firms before envisioning a new way to approach the construction process. Working from the coffeeshop tables of Austin Java, Pravo grew by building relationships, doing repeat work with great clients and always pushing for innovation in a traditionally antiquated industry.

Pravo offers clients a refreshing construction experience with a spirit of transparency, partnership, and commitment to your project from start to ribbon cutting. Our detailed preconstruction strategies, streamlined processes, and the collective oversight of the entire Pravo team, all work together harmoniously to guarantee your project stays on track and within budget.

Pravo Construction works with clients in a number of different formats, including design-build, GMP and hard bid. Pravo can put a full team together including Architectural Design and Engineering or work purely as the General Contractor. Pravo works with clients of all levels of expertise with a consultative approach. The Pravo Construction portfolio spans multiple industries and typical project values range from $250k up to $5M with development contracts over $10M.

A cornerstone of our ethos is to place the client at the heart of every project. From inception to completion, a dedicated Pravo team will provide comprehensive guidance and unmatched transparency at each stage of construction. Our initial focus is on understanding your expectations and requirements. With these insights, we proceed to meticulously develop budgets, conduct site reviews, and carve out an extensively detailed master project schedule. 

Throughout the project’s life cycle, we ensure open lines of communication with our valued clients. Through our weekly project meetings, you’ll always be in the loop about every cost and schedule update. Upon project completion, we offer access to your project’s final photos and assets. This allows you to showcase your stunning new development to your clients and across your marketing channels. 

Pravo can offer your company or project an array of services that best fit your needs. In addition to the traditional Fee & GC, GMP or hard bid approach, the Pravo team can take your ideas and provide overall project management or offer a streamline approach with our design-build options. Pravo Construction also has a land development arm that can manage your overall development or participate as the GC. If you have a team assembled and need a sound and trusted voice, Pravo Construction can review budgets, assist in bidding, and offer schedule and procurement lead time analysis.

Pravo Construction headquarters are located in Austin, TX. However, we have no geographical constraints within North America. Our network of partners and joint ventures allows us to offer the Pravo experience virtually anywhere in the U.S. If your scope and requirements meet the criteria, a Pravo Construction team will be on-site.