By Pravo Construction | Featuring Kevin Stewart

In the dynamic setting of Austin, Texas, the food and beverage (F&B) industry shines as an emblem of the city’s pioneering essence and cultural depth. While the boom in this sector can be attributed to culinary experts and restaurateurs, as well as the expanding food and beverage logistics centers along the I-35 corridor, the foundational bricks of this success are firms like Pravo Construction and Cushing Terrell. Together, they transform ambitious ideas into concrete wonders.

Bar from Superstition in Austin, TX.Kevin Stewart, the Food and Beverage Studio Director at Cushing Terrell, and Drew Hanish, CEO of Pravo Construction, both resonate with the collaborative spirit of Austin’s F&B construction journey. Kevin’s design philosophy echoes the harmonious relationship between architects and GCs: “I let creativity reign without an immediate concern for constructibility,” he states. It’s this artistic scope that’s grounded in his faith in teams like Pravo, which masterfully synchronize design aspirations with actual constructibility. This expertise ensures that the realized projects are not only true to design but are also economically viable and meet client expectations.

The brilliance of an architectural concept is often perceived in its tangible form by the skill of the executor. In this realm, adept builders like Pravo are indispensable, making sure the visionary designs by architects see the light of day without hitches. With the exponential growth of the F&B sector in Central Texas, the role of a general contractor like Pravo becomes even more salient. They not only adhere to regulatory norms but also cohesively work alongside architects, striking a perfect chord between design aesthetics and constructibility.

Austin’s ascendancy to the 11th largest city comes with unique challenges, encompassing aspects like heightened regulations, supply chain issues, and shortage in construction labor. Echoing the sentiments of Pravo, Kevin Stewart of Cushing Terrell states, “The era of ‘winging it’ in construction has elapsed.” This is where the role of general contractors, like Pravo, steps in. They deftly tackle these complexities, making sure projects are punctual and fiscally disciplined. Pravo and Cushing Terrell’s commitment to the Austin construction landscape ensures fluid collaborations amongst architects, developers, landlords, and lessees, serving as the cohesive force in the intricate web of the city’s F&B construction pursuits.

Upper Bar from Superstition in Austin, TX.

Emerging centers like Cedar Park, Buda, and Liberty Hill are set to be the next focal points of growth. In these ventures, the combined prowess of Pravo Construction and Cushing Terrell will be pivotal. Both Kevin and Drew emphasize on preserving Austin’s distinctiveness amidst its growth. While Kevin advocates for “sustaining the inherent warmth and approachability of designs,” Pravo pledges to have every project mirror the area’s rich heritage and traditions. In Austin’s evolving F&B tale, architects like Kevin Steward sketch the blueprint, and dedicated builders like Pravo translate it into an authentic reality. As Austin and Central Texas march forward in their culinary and architectural escapades, the partnership of design mavericks and sound builders will undeniably sculpt the region’s destiny.

This article is an excerpt from a recent conversation Pravo had with Kevin Stewart. Stay tuned for that full release along with upcoming convos with other market leaders in Austin’s commercial construction community.