2023 Trends in Austin


By: Aaron Fichera

For over the last two decades, Austin has seen an extraordinary growth curve, cementing its reputation as a hub for innovation and community. The Austin area has been known for its rapid population and industry expansion. However, at the same time, there’s growing advocacy to preserve the city’s richness while planning for the future. Here’s a look at some key factors leading to this remarkable city’s transformation.

The Future of Work: Hybrid is Here

With the shift to remote work, Austin is leading the charge in adapting office spaces to meet the evolving needs of the workforce. The young professionals flocking to the area demand more from their workplaces, and Austin’s commercial construction trends are rising to the occasion.

Working hand-in-hand with incredible design teams, we are seeing growing staples in the new workplace settings:

  • Open work stations
  • Modern facilities and accessibility
  • Unique amenities and common spaces

320 Congress work stations and desks in Austin Texas.Preacher work stations in Austin Texas.

Austin’s Live, Work, & Play Downtown urban landscape of Austin Texas.

Multi-use developments are becoming the new standard, replacing traditional standalone offices. Ground floors are bustling with retail spaces, services, and gathering areas, fostering community and connectivity. Inside, users discover shared common areas, workspaces and lounge areas that break away from the original structure, creating a synergy between life and work. We also see a growing trend to preserve previous structures and adapting them to growing vibrant communities around them.

These spaces are not mere aesthetic touches to the community but offer:

  • Practical access to the outdoors
  • Emphasis on user experience
  • Preservation of neighborhood culture

The urban planning of Austin places significant emphasis on connectivity and accessibility. There’s a renewed focus on creating neighborhoods that balance commercial and residential needs, with everything within a comfortable 20-minute walk. This is more so evident when venturing through south Austin, downtown, or the east side of the city.


Austin’s Unstoppable Growth

Austin’s unprecedented growth is more than just a trend; it’s a testament to a city that understands the future while staying true to its roots. From innovative hybrid work environments to the thoughtful integration of outdoor spaces and preservation of neighborhoods, Austin presents a model for the modern urban experience.