Strong culture grows intentionally from within and serves as the foundation as a company matures, evolves and takes on more challenging opportunities.

  • The best companies have amazing culture that employees, partners and customers can “feel”
  • Great culture is the X-factor that creates alignment with the company mission, values and goals
  • Companies must intentionally develop a strong, positive culture as the company grows…it won’t happen by accident


Company culture is the X-factor when it comes to long term success in a competitive landscape like Austin’s commercial real estate market. Great culture is the glue during tough times, rocket fuel during good times and the creative juice that drives innovation as companies grow and develop. Great culture grows organically from the inside-out, not top-down, and it permeates into everything the business produces. Clients can feel a huge difference when they work with a company that has great culture vs a company that has a boring or negative culture.

Awesome company culture does not happen by accident and must be developed intentionally. As a company grows, every single employee must be mindful of their actions and how they play into the bigger picture both in the short term and the long term. This is why a thoughtful and meaningful mission statement (not a cookie-cutter mission statement) paired with strong core values that each employee buys into are so important.

Other critical success factors for a business like a great product, strong sales or a solid client-base can all be developed and improved upon at any time (within reason, of course). The magical thing about culture is that it can’t just be “fixed” if it’s broken or non-existent.

Imagine some of the best companies in the world that we would identify as having great culture: Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Twitter, Netflix… These companies all:

  • Value their customers and their employees alike
  • Build their employee relationships on a foundation of core values
  • Stand for something and are rooted in strong morals and ethics
  • Have a vibrant office with positive energy and good vibes

As great companies grow and transform, culture serves as the glue that holds things tightly together. When employees have to work 70-80 hour weeks to get through big milestones, knowing your coworkers are all bought into core values of excellence and customer service will be the push you need (more than management buying everyone pizza…although pizza always helps!).

Culture gives the company the ability to innovate, think outside the box, disrupt a local market (in a good way), grab significant market share and create a valuable product or service. Maintaining great culture through company growth requires alignment, clarity, attention to detail, desire and investing the time and energy to pursue collective goals. As a company grows, culture must be part of the foundation.