contrasting images of the historical facade of the Townsend-Thomson Building with the new design renderings of this space.


Austin’s landscape is a vibrant blend of historic charm and modern innovation, and few projects exemplify this fusion better than the renovation of the Townsend-Thomson Building at 718 Congress. This iconic structure, originally built in 1875, stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and its continuous evolution. Featuring beautiful Italianate Victorian columns, limestone, and brick, the two-story edifice tells stories from the 19th century. Now, under the skilled hands of Pravo Construction, it is being meticulously transformed to house the much-anticipated Jupiter Supper Club.


Turning a New Leaf 

Jupiter Supper Club, the new occupant of this historic space, aims to bring a fresh, luxurious dining experience to Austin. Their goal is to create a haven of “maximalist vegan luxury,” blending opulence with sustainability. By seamlessly integrating modern design elements with the building’s classic architecture, Jupiter Supper Club ensures that every guest can appreciate the rich heritage of the building while indulging in a luxurious and plant-based culinary adventure. This innovative approach has already garnered attention and acclaim, with Jupiter Supper Club receiving awards for its exceptional brand identity, including a prestigious win at the 2024 American Advertising Awards.

Where Pravo Construction Supports 

Embarking on hospitality construction, let alone historical renovation, is no small feat. It requires not only construction and financial expertise but also a profound understanding of architectural history and preservation techniques. Pravo Construction understands both but there are key tools in the kit that allow us to maximize the value:

Early Existing Conditions Reports

One of the first and most critical steps in any historical renovation is conducting thorough existing conditions reports. These reports are essential for uncovering the hidden aspects of a building’s MEP systems, structure, materials, and code compliance, which can significantly impact financial decisions and design plans. By identifying potential challenges early, Pravo helps stakeholders make informed choices, balancing respect for historical integrity with modern functionality.

Expertise in Historical Preservation

Pravo’s builders and project teams are well-versed in the intricacies of Austin’s historical preservation and neighborhoods. The familiarity with the unique architecture, structural, MEP systems and common hurdles of older buildings allows Pravo teams to anticipate and address issues that might otherwise cause delays or additional costs. This expertise ensures that the renovation of the Townsend-Thomson Building maintains its historical charm.

Collaboration and Education

The final secret ingredient that Pravo Construction prides itself on is fostering a collaborative spirit within the industry. Regular project walks with industry leaders, like those led by Drew Hanish, serve as an educational opportunity where building practices and preservation techniques are shared and discussed with all stakeholders. These events not only showcase Pravo’s commitment to excellence but also reinforce the importance of working together to achieve the best outcomes in commercial and historical preservation construction.

The renovation of the Townsend-Thomson Building is more than just a construction project; it is a bridge between Austin’s past and its future. By breathing new life into this historic structure, Pravo Construction is preserving the city’s heritage while paving the way for innovative new ventures like Jupiter Supper Club. As we look forward to the grand opening of Jupiter Supper Club in the Fall of 2024, we celebrate the dedicated efforts of our team that are involved in this remarkable transformation and are excited to share more. 

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